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24 hour emergency plumber calgary

Residential plumbing services in Calgary help so many homeowners whether it's a hot water heater problem, kitchen and bathroom renovations or just help with any general plumbing system problem. These plumbing job can be done by an affordable plumbing companies in the area and it’s recommended for these kinds of plumbing needs you need a skilled tradesman to do the job. Don’t wait till you need plumbing repairs at the last minute, make sure you have a residential plumber on speed dial.
Our skilled contractors are extremely extremely professional and do an amazing job. Call us.

24 hour emergency plumber calgary

24 hour emergency plumbing is a service that is offered by many professional plumbers in Calgary. Many plumbing companies do their best to help resolve any plumbing repairs issues you might have at home. Because we work 24 hours a day  to solve any emergency repairs, we make sure that our certified professionals are available at your disposal whether you live in the northwest, southwest, south east or north east area, we will be available to solve any of your plumbing problems. Don’t wait till you need plumbing jobs done at your home. Call our skilled plumber today or book an appointment online.

drain cleaner calgary

Drain cleaning and inspection in Calgary needs to be done when you have an issue with your clogged drain, any clog needs to be attended to immediately as advised by most professional plumbers, these kind of plumbing repairs can be very costly especially when you are on a tight budget and have issues with your plumbing system. The good news is that most tradesmen understand pipes and are able to do plumbing installation of pipes if replacement is needed and clean up of the drains whenever there is a build up of sewage in the drain.

kitchen plumber calgary

Kitchen plumbing is very essential to homeowners because that's where most people spend time on a day to day basis, whether it’s when they are making coffee or tea in the morning or cooking dinner. Sometimes issues arise in the kitchen when you have a leaking sink or faucet and that’s when your realize that you need to get some of these plumbing jobs done by a skilled plumber, it also happens that you might need drain cleaning when you have a clog in your kitchen sink, but you don’t need to worry because our plumbing company has the best plumber in town who also does kitchen renovations whenever it’s needed.

24 hour emergency plumber calgary

Toilet fixture in Calgary is usually done by one of the best plumbing company, sometimes your toilet will need plumbing installations, repairs or replacement which can be costly if it breaks down at a time that you don’t want it to, but we do know that at such a time when emergency plumbing needs to be done, its best to have saved some emergency fees to be used at a time like this, because toilet in the house is the one place that every family members visits more than once a day and as a result most Calgary plumbers are prepared to do a great job when called upon. Don’t let your toilet plumbing problem get out of hand. Call a licensed Calgary plumber now to get the job done right

24 hour emergency plumber calgary

Bathroom plumbing sometimes requires you to do shower or bathtub installation which would involve repair and replacement as well. Most Calgary plumbers do a great job when it comes to fixing plumbing issues in the bathroom, we know showers are used daily because most people like to shower and feel fresh but when you have either clogged drains in your bathroom or the need for a pipe repair because of the winter then you would need a plumber who specializes in frozen pipes so that your bathroom water can flow easily. Call our friendly best plumber for a free quote or if you need emergency repairs in any of the homes you own.

drain cleaner calgary

A Calgary plumber usually knows best when it’s necessary to do a burst pipe repair, it happens often when the weather changes, especially in Calgary and its surrounding areas. Pipe bursting or leaking repairs are essential but most good plumbers recommend that you need to do regular inspections before you get any surprise with your sewer which could lead to clogged drains and major plumbing issues. We offer a satisfaction guarantee for first timers and all other customers because we believe in providing quality service. Don’t wait till you have a few burst pipes to fix, get this done immediately so that you don’t get any surprise with your water lines. We provide excellent service and insurance coverage so you can count on us as your trusted Calgary plumbers.

kitchen plumber calgary

Faucets are an essential piece of the puzzle but when you have a leaking faucet that needs repair or replacement then this will require you to get the services of a Calgary plumber who will do a good plumbing job at an affordable rate and ensure great service. Leak repair services can be done easily by a skilled plumber, but as a reputable plumbing company, we always recommend you use the service of a contractor who is trusted in Calgary Alberta and one who serves surrounding areas. Don’t let a leaking faucet ruin your day, get things fixed before it’s too late because sometimes it could be due to a new hot water heater malfunctioning or drain cleaning issue. Call us today and let a good plumber come and fix the issue.

boiler repair calgary

Commercial plumbing is necessary when you need a tradesman to perform industrial installation, repair or replacement on a property. Whether it’s hot water tank, drain cleaning, furnace cleaning or air conditioner repair you can always count on the local experts to get the plumbing job done right. Our Calgary plumbing specialists offer expertise in the surrounding areas as well. Why wait for things to get bad? Call us today so we can do a great job for you. We are your trusted Calgary plumbing experts who are available all night and offer emergency plumbing.

boiler repair calgary

Repairing a water heater when you have an issue is recommended, you can wait till the tankless water heater is malfunctioning badly but it’s best to not let it get to that point, because to do a plumbing job like that would be very costly and expensive? Some people think the price would change but not when you have to either buy a new hot water tank or an electric water heater. For any plumbing heating need in Calgary Alberta it’s best to get your water heater maintained to avoid installing a new one or replacing the current one, Therefore, call us before you buy a new system so we can offer you professional assistance.

drain cleaning and repair calgary

Bathroom remodeling in Calgary is necessary when you are tired of your current bathroom or when you need a new look. Sometimes it is hard to do the whole renovation because money would be an issue when it comes to financing the project and getting a satisfaction guarantee from plumbers who know what they are doing. If you have the financial means to take care of this renovation then call a few contractors and get a quote before the job is started.

reliable plumbers calgary services

Kitchen remodeling is an opportunity to bring your kitchen to life, most people really enjoy remodeling and setting up a nice kitchen, this task begins with vision before construction is done. Most kitchen remodeler contractors consult the homeowner to understand their needs first so that at the end of the job they can take pride in having satisfied the homeowner.

Call our experienced, friendly Calgary plumbers for a free quote today.

boiler repair calgary

Boiler Repair


Boiler repair, servicing and installation requires this task to be done by a professional Calgary plumbers, most times you find that your boiler tends to have plumbing heating issues or leaking which eventually will require clean install of either a new boiler or a used functional boiler, because most homeowners are not plumbing experts and would have limited drain cleaning, furnace cleaning or boiler inspection skill and as a result its recommended that you call a qualified contractor to help you with your boiler repair since they will be able to do a  great job.

drain cleaner calgary
drain cleaning and repair calgary
reliable plumbers calgary services


Toilets Installed


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Plumbers you can count on. Our contractors and sub contractors in [location] have performed over 1000s of jobs in combined years and experience, from toilet installs, to fixing leaks, repair, replacement of water heaters and general plumbing.
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Why Should You Hire Our Plumbing Company?

If you are looking for residential or commercial plumbers who can get to your home fast with 30 minutes to 1-hour response time? A Reliable plumber who values your safety and comfort? Look no further than Reliable Plumbers Calgary. Our emergency plumbing service professionals are specialized, qualified, licensed, and bonded plumbers who can do the job quickly and efficiently, from a clogged toilet, leaky faucet, burst pipe in the kitchen to backed-up sewage in your home. Our emergency plumbing licensed technicians are ready to serve you.

Call us at (587) 320-2330 For a Fast, No-Hassle Quality Service.

There are many reasons why we think our company is the most reliable. We have served our community for decades and have helped give many homeowners peace of mind after we have helped them with our 24/7 plumbing emergency services when they needed us the most and we have taken pride in that and knowing that our customers were happy.

Below you will see some of the reasons why we think you should hire us as your go-to residential plumbing company.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality plumbing services to our new and existing customers by evaluating and creating options to offer an effective solution. We recommend that you don’t just call the first contractor you see online but to choose a local company that many Calgarians have trusted and relied on for decades.

We offer various plumbing services 

As trusted contractors, we realized the importance of being able to provide not just emergency plumbing but all the other services as well, one thing we love most about what we do is to be able to do all kinds of work related to plumbing, from installation and repair to, drain cleaning, emergency services, clogged toilet, heating and cooling, remodeling and water heater services which include both hot water tank and such. 


We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

As one of the leading companies, we realized the importance of offering 24-hour emergency plumbing services which is extremely important if you have a burst pipe at home, leaky faucet, clogged drain, etc and you need help immediately, some plumbers do not offer this service. An emergency installation problem can occur at any time and will need to be resolved immediately, therefore, it’s our mission to be able to get to you as fast as we can so that we fix the issue in your home.


We are a Licensed, bonded, Insured Residential & Commercial Company

Our employees are licensed, bonded, insured, trusted, and recommended locally by the customers we have served for decades. We know the importance of having the right certification and the importance of having qualified technicians who constantly update their certification to stay up today with the industry so as to offer the best up to date possible services to the community


We Serve Neighbouring Towns 

We also offer services in the neighboring towns as well. For example Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Langdon, Pridis but most of our contractors work within Calgary in the Following areas:


The area is one of the places that are rich in culture, transportation lie the Crowfoot LRT, sports, and educational institutions like the University of Calgary and for this reason, most of our plumbers seem to enjoy work whenever they have to go and help a homeowner with any plumbing need.

Southwest area

Offers various resources and things that Calgarians take pride in like the Heritage Park and the Military Museums, all these make the SW area an irresistible place to drive to and help with any emergency plumbing need day and night.

Southeast area

Offers a home to so many people and the diversity in the area makes it a nice place to go and assist with any handy work needed.

Northeast area

Is similar in a way to SE but has its differences especially with the landscape the and highway makes it much faster to get to each home that needs plumbing work done.



Competitive Pricing –  Affordable Cost And Discounts For Any Plumbing Need

We know that sometimes a plumbing issue can be very costly and expensive, that’s why we offer discounts and affordable prices for any problem. We know most contractors charge hourly and then an extra additional fee, but, our fees are fixed and there are no surprise expenses once we offer a free estimate/free quote for a service, therefore, our prices will range from $80 to over $600 depending on the problem at hand.

If you are stuck and don’t know what to do when you run into an emergency, Feel free to call our friendly and skilled plumbing service technicians here at Reliable Plumbers Calgary Company. (587) 320 2330

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Reliable Plumbers Calgary is a full-service plumbing company specializing in 24-hour emergency, residential and commercial plumbing services.